Knitters of the widest width shade cloth in North America

Tek-Knit Industries Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of warp knit industrial fabrics. Product applications include shade cloth, sports netting, agricultural fabrics and protective netting for hail or debris.

Our products feature:

- High strength fabrics containing Kevlar™ and Spectra™

- Mildew resistant

- Seamless up to 26 ft

- Shade cloth with a range of 30% to 70%

- Run-resistant

- Offered in various colours

Hard Rain Crop Protection - R-2348
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Product Applications
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  • safety clothing
  • apparel
  • sport mesh
  • agricultural fabrics
  • industrial fabrics
  • sports apparel
  • pool cover mesh
  • debris netting
  • shade cloth
  • truck covers
  • tennis windscreens
  • golf barrier netting
  • hail protection
  • curtains
  • draperies
  • upholstery
  • specialized fabrics
  • water filtration media
  • soil reinforcement
  • barriers
  • drainage control media

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